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Turn loose the mermaids by xxIgnisxx

well, i first want to say that i love all your drawings. they're all perfect. they make me wanna cry... just like this one. as i alread...

Finnick and Annie BIG SKETCHDUMP (for finnodair) by xxIgnisxx

this is one of your best ever! i never ever saw a drawing before of... finnick's final scene. that had a great impact on me. i was almo...


Vampyre by Alicelisabeth
"Through twilight, darkness and moonrise
My scarlet tears will run
As stolen blood and whispered love
Of fantasies undone"
- Cradle Of Filth: Dusk and Her Embrace

Drawing I made of a photo by Nigel Wingrove, featured on the cover of Cradle Of Filth's album "Dusk... and Her Embrace".


I totally LOVE drawing. Anything. With pencils, colour pencils, soft pastels... I really love using soft pastels. That's my favourite technique.
Once a week i have drawing classes, where I improve my techniques. My goal is always to make more realistic drawings. Of course I make a few that aren't really realistic, and my style is always changing.
I'm a crazy fan of The Hunger Games. I love it, maybe those are the best books ever.

Oh, and one more thing: I LIVE in Portugal, and i was born here, but i'm belgian. From the flemish part. I speak both languages fluently (portuguese and flemish) but as you've probably noticed, english isn't my first language. Obviously. So never mind if my english isn't that well. Sometimes it may be a bit confusing, cause when i don't know how to say something, i try to say it with other words. And that doesn't end that well, sometimes...
"Now I'm back and I'm better than ever" (sorry just quoting some asking alexandria lyrics)
anyway so today i posted a whole bunch of drawings, hope you like them :) i'll try to do it more often but we'll see... let's just say sooner or later they'll make it to deviantart ;)
oh and in case you haven't noticed my style has changed a bit... quite a big bit. Basically most of it is now all about music, wether it's band member portraits or just drawings inspired on lyrics. There won't be many hunger games fanart now, although i might make a fiew pieces... And of course my style, the style itself, also changed. Lots of charcoal and big black n white contrasts, a little macaber sometimes... yeah
So that's it i guess. Stay tuned ;)

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